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Quality products

The Daicel Group, a corporate group that adheres to “Monozukuri”* the Japanese way, has set the following “Quality Policy” as what everyone on our workforce should aspire to.

Quality Policy for Daicel-Group

Each member of the Daicel-Group promises to deliver safe and quality products which can be used with assurance by the customer.
In order to realize this policy, we undertake the following actions.

  • ◆ We listen to customer requirements and deliver trust and satisfaction.
  • ◆ We clarify and seek to achieve the required quality.
  • ◆ We obey laws and regulations.
  • ◆ Each member looks at matters from the customer’s perspective and undertakes actions on their own initiative.
All of the Daicel Group’s plants have acquired certification according to international standards for quality management systems, including ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 (for the automobile industry). Each plant constantly endeavours to offer products that satisfy customers and meet their needs.
Each internal company and Group company is responsible for the quality of their products. Relevant officials from the Company’s plants, internal companies and Group companies attend regular quality assurance meetings to ensure the maintenance and improvement of product quality across the Group, mainly by sharing information, including customer requests.
In FY2015, with an aim to facilitate improvements at the corporate level, internal companies, plants and group companies from an independent standpoint, we set up a Quality Management Division under the direct control of the President. The Quality Management Division has since been busy auditing the quality management systems of manufacturing divisions, providing opportunities to exchange quality-related information, and aggregating and analyzing quality information.
Through these efforts, we continuously strive to deliver products that customers can use with assurance and greater satisfaction.
*“Monozukuri”:Our focus on “Monozukuri” is unshakeable. Although the literal meaning of the Japanese word “Monozukuri” is “making things,” for our purpose the meaning of the term has been broadened to encompass the creation of new value in all corporate activities, including R&D, sales and marketing and support services.