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Responsible Care: Basic Policies and Implementation System

We will strive to implement Responsible Care Initiatives throughout our operations in order to contribute to a viable sustainable society.

In 1995, Daicel established its Basic Policies for Responsible Care (RC) based on the guiding principles for improvement of environmental, health and safety conditions of the Japan Chemical Industry Association. Daicel is deeply aware of its responsibility as a corporate citizen to protect the environment and ensure the health and safety of all those involved with the Company in whatever capacity and every stage of its operations from the design of products to the manufacture and disposal. With this in mind, the Daicel Group is promoting across-the-board RC activities.
Basic Policies for Responsible Care
In all aspects of its business operations, Daicel is making the utmost efforts to ensure environmental preservation, process safety and disaster prevention, occupational health and safety, chemical and product safety, distribution safety, and dialogue with society in accordance with the Responsible Care Standards of the Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA). Daicel is making steady and continuous progress in all of these areas.
1While strictly abiding by laws and regulations currently in effect, in its business operations, Daicel will strive to uphold the principles of environmental preservation and attention to safety. All employees will be made aware of policy measures and their assistance will be secured during implementation to ensure sustained effort.
2Daicel will conduct a thorough assessment of its new products' impact on health, safety, and the environment at every stage—development, manufacture, distribution, use, and disposal—prior to installing facilities for their production and introducing them to the market. Daicel will also strive to produce and offer products that take people's health, safety, and the environment into consideration.
3Daicel will collect and maintain a database of information regarding environmental and safety issues that relate to its products and the substances it handles. To ensure their safe handling and use, the Company will provide all necessary information to users and distributors.
4Daicel will promote raw material-saving and energy-saving initiatives as well as the recycling of waste products and restraints on their production to protect the environment and economize on the use of limited raw materials.
5Daicel will seek to constantly raise safety standards to achieve a no-accident, no-disaster record at the manufacturing stage. The Company will ensure that appropriate emergency response procedures are in place, training is undertaken, and, in the event of an accident, appropriate countermeasures are taken at once.
6Daicel will research, develop, and introduce technologies and products that are healthier, safer, and more environment-friendly than ever.
7Daicel pledges to strictly abide by regulations in force in the relevant jurisdictions and give due attention to the environmental and safety concerns of the other parties involved when engaging in international transactions involving chemical products, conducting international business, and transferring technologies abroad.
8Daicel will actively lead and support the environment- and safety-related activities of the Daicel Group companies with the aim of securing a better and safer environment for all.
9Daicel will participate in and cooperate with environmental preservation activities undertaken by the communities in which it operates and seek to gain the trust and understanding of society as a whole by establishing a dialogue with it on safety and environmental matters.
10Daicel will deepen its understanding and awareness of the importance of biodiversity conservation and promote biodiversity-friendly activities so that generations to come will be able to receive the benefits of biodiversity.