Together with Our Shareholders and Investors

General Meeting of Shareholders

Daicel posts the convocation notice for its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on its website prior to distributing it by postal mail, aiming to provide shareholders with sufficient time to examine the agenda items. Moreover, as we would like as many shareholders as possible to exercise their voting rights, we offer voting alternatives via postal mail or the Internet for those who are unable to attend the meeting.

We have considered the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders as a valuable opportunity to engage with our shareholders. To facilitate their further understanding of initiatives of the Daicel Group, we are striving to provide easy-to-understand answers to questions voiced by shareholders.

At the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 23, 2017, we set up an exhibition booth outside the venue with the aim of showcasing the Daicel Group’s products and technologies. After the closure of the meeting, we invited attendees to join a casual gathering aimed at facilitating interaction between shareholders and Daicel’s officers and directors. This enabled Daicel’s executives to engage in in-depth dialogue with attendees.

Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

Daicel encourages fair evaluation of its corporate value by fostering accurate understanding of the Company among its stakeholders, including shareholders and investors. With the aim of building relationships of trust with all its stakeholders, Daicel has opted for a basic policy of disclosing corporate information in a timely, impartial, accurate and proactive manner on an ongoing basis.

Disclosure Policy

IR Activities

In line with the aforementioned basic policy on Information disclosure, Daicel adopts a proactive approach toward its IR activities. Quarterly results briefings are held for domestic institutional investors and analysts. Moreover, through activities such as individual interviews and small meetings, the Company actively strives to promote communication, aspiring to foster better understanding of the company. In addition, the Company hosted a Plastics business briefing in FY 2018/3, with the aim of helping attendees better understand its operations.

Moreover, Daicel maintains a designated IR page on its website where it posts pertinent documents in a timely manner. These documents include its Securities Report, Financial Results Report, Briefing Session and presentation materials, and Shareholders’ Report. The Company is working to upgrade and expand its information disclosure aimed at investors.
For overseas investors, the Company publishes its Annual Report while making its Financial Results Reports, briefing sessions and presentation materials available in English on its website. Furthermore, the Company is facilitating investor understanding of its operations, both by having the officer in charge of IR meet individually with analysts and investors at their offices, as well as by responding to their questions during interviews conducted via teleconference or in face-to-face sessions at domestic conferences.

For Investors

Events Occasions
Financial briefing sessions for analysts and institutional investors 4 Held on a quarterly basis; the interim and period-end results were presented by the president, while the first and third quarter results were explained via conference calls hosted by the Investor Relations department
Business briefings for analysts and institutional investors 1 Held a business briefing on Plastics in FY2018/3
Individual interviews with analysts and institutional investors Approx.
Conducted individual interviews and conference calls with analysts and institutional investors
Small meetings with domestic institutional investors 2 President attended these meetings to exchange opinions with domestic institutional investors
Participation in conferences for overseas investors 4 Participated in domestic conferences for overseas investors, with the officer in charge of IR conducting individual interviews
Individual visits to overseas investors 3 The officer in charge of IR visited overseas shareholders and investors (in North America, Europe, and Asia)
Individual financial briefings for security company sales persons 1 The Investor Relations department held an individual business briefing for security company sales representatives