PurchasingDaicel Group CSR Purchasing Guidelines

To help realize a sustainable society, the Daicel Group aims to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities in tandem with all of its supply chain constituents. To this end, we established the Daicel Group CSR Purchasing Guidelines in line with our Basic Purchasing Policy, specifying CSR issues where we encourage our suppliers to adopt a proactive stance. Suppliers' support of and cooperation with these guidelines are prerequisites for business transactions with the Daicel Group.
The Daicel Group CSR Purchasing Guidelines encompass the following items.

  1. 1Compliance with laws, regulations and social norms
    • In the course of business activities, we shall comply with laws, regulations and social norms with regard to such matters as business transactions, labor management, environmental preservation, safe operations and intellectual property, thereby living up to higher standards of corporate ethics and fair business conduct.
    • In addition to complying with laws and regulations enforced in the countries and regions where we operate, we shall also respect the cultures and customs of these local communities.
    • We shall not provide or receive entertainment and gifts that can be deemed to exceed the scope of sound commercial practice and social norms.
  2. 2Respect for human rights and the working environment
    • We shall not condone forced labor, child labor, under-paid labor or any other inhuman labor practice.
    • We shall eliminate discrimination within our workforce and strive to offer equal opportunity and realize fair treatment of employees.
    • We shall prevent workplace harassment, bullying and violence.
    • We shall respect the rights of our employees and, to this end, provide adequate wages while appropriately managing their working hours.
  3. 3Occupational safety and health
    • We shall prevent occupational accidents and diseases by offering a safe and sanitized working environment and by paying close attention to the management of employee health.
    • We shall formulate emergency countermeasures by anticipating possible accidents and disasters, with the aim of protecting employee safety.
  4. 4Environmental consideration
    • We shall strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations by, for example, reducing resource and energy consumption in the course of production, packaging and distribution and by curbing emissions of CO2 and industrial waste.
    • We shall pursue business operations that give due consideration to the protection of the global environment and the conservation of biodiversity.
  5. 5Sound business management
    • We shall strive to engage in sound and transparent business management and appropriately disclose corporate information with stakeholders, with the aim of establishing sincere relationships based on a spirit of mutual interest, respect and trust.
    • We shall not provide any benefit to antisocial forces while strictly prohibiting the provision or receipt of undue gain attributable to such fraudulent activities as insider trading.
  6. 6The pursuit of product quality and product safety as well as improvement in technologies
    • We shall strive to meet customer requirements with regard to product quality and safety in addition to providing accurate information about our products and services.
    • We shall strive to develop products and solutions through the pursuit of new technologies and better quality.
  7. 7Stable supply and flexibility to remain responsive to changes
    • We shall deliver our products on time and strive to maintain stable supply.
    • We shall formulate business continuity plans to secure our preparedness to emergencies, including natural disasters and operational accidents.
  8. 8Information security
    • We shall put in place security measures to combat network threats, with the aim of ensuring that none of our systems are damaged by such threats or exploited by hackers to harm others' systems.
    • We shall appropriately protect the personal information we handle whether it pertains to customers, employees or other third parties.
    • We shall maintain the appropriate management of confidential information we receive from customers or other third parties, striving to prevent the leakage of such information.
  9. 9Contribution to community and society
    • We shall develop collaborative relationships with local communities and strive to contribute to the development of society.
  10. 10Promotion of CSR initiatives in which all supply chain constituents play their roles
    • We shall proactively push ahead with CSR initiatives while disclosing the status of such initiatives.
    • We shall ask our business partners to join our efforts to promote CSR, with the aim of encouraging our entire supply chain to engage in CSR.
    • We shall engage in responsible purchasing practices, observing purchasing regulations that are in place to address social issues related to specific materials, e.g. conflict minerals regulations.

Daicel Group CSR Purchasing Guidelines PDF ver. [PDF:130 KB]

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