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All research and development aims for commercialization.
Achieve a circular society through open innovation.

In our mid-term strategy "Accelerate 2025," as we remain focused on the well-being of our employees and the sustainability of our products and manufacturing processes. We aim to provide the value demanded by society as we contribute to human happiness and building a circular society.
Our mission is to responsibly commercialize research outcomes based on societal and customer needs. To achieve this, maintaining a balance between "freedom and discipline in research" is crucial. While research teams engage vigorously in exploration under the banner of "freedom," it is equally essential to incorporate a business perspective and devise plans for commercialization under the banner of "discipline." We believe this balance is the key to translating research outcomes into economic value and shaping the future of the company.
Furthermore, in our efforts towards realizing a circular economy, we believe that certain challenges beyond the capacity of the Daicel Group alone can be overcome through collaborations with universities and other companies, leading open innovation initiatives.

We will continue to face challenges and create new value for society by maximizing the use of our unique materials and technologies cultivated since our foundation. We sincerely ask for your continued support and cooperation.

Senior Managing Executive Officer
General Manager, R&D Headquarters
Toshio Shiwaku

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