R&D Message from GM of Innovation and Business Development HQ

We remain committed to solving problems and addressing issues.

We use our wide-ranging technologies to co-create solutions.

Executive Officer, General Manager of Innovation and Business Development Headquarters
Mitsuteru Mutsuda

We're committed to helping our customers solve problems and overcome challenges.

Daicel's researchers excel at demonstrating their diverse skills, whether they are versed in the realms of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, catalytic chemistry, polymer science, pyrotechnic technology, computational science, biotechnology, or production engineering.
Daicel also employs developers with experience in a variety of backgrounds, including electricity and electronics, semiconductors, automobiles, medicine and healthcare, and sports.
Our advantage lies in our ability to flexibly combine the power of our R&D assets. As a result, Daicel is fully committed to the solving the problems and addressing the issues our customers are contending with. We achieve this by co-creating new solutions that enable us to grow together with our customers.

Innovation springs from novel combinations:
our connections with our customers are inspiring endless innovations.

The saying, “Innovation comes from novel combinations” means more than the simple combination of technology with technology, and things with things; it also signifies new bonds between people.
Daicel values not only the links between Daicel's technology and customers in need of solutions as well as Daicel's products and our customers' products; we also appreciate the connections between people engaged in research and development. In this way, we at Daicel passionately engage in the process of developing solutions to customer problems and addressing customer issues as matters of deep personal interest.

The Biomass Value Chain: Creating a future of promise for all

Daicel's Long-term vision, known as Daicel Vision 4.0, and the company's Mid-term management strategy, known as Accelerate 2025, were formulated to reaffirm our founding principle of “co-creation.” The goal of this principle is to contribute to the emergence of a society committed to sustainability.
Daicel is developing technologies that enable humans to utilize resources they can manage and create on their own, such as forest resources; use things made from these resources; and return them to the beginning of the cycle as the basis for creating resources in different forms. This is not about “the future that Daicel will create,” but rather “the future that Daicel will create jointly with everyone.” I myself am working toward the very big dream of “co-creation” to solve the major problems affecting everyone and the issues affecting the global environment.
No, this is essentially our plan, not a dream.
Daicel will continue to do its best, openly and globally, and we look forward to your cooperation in this effort.

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