PurchasingDaicel Group Basic Purchasing Policy

We shall comply with the following Basic Purchasing Policy when purchasing from suppliers, based on Daicel Group Conduct Policy, in keeping with courses of action intended to implement the Daicel Group's Basic Philosophy.

1. Fairness & Rationality of Transactions

  • We shall be fair in providing prospective suppliers with opportunities for participating in business transactions. Also we shall conduct our purchasing activities in an open manner with no regard for previous dealings and with no preference for companies domiciled in Japan.
  • Our overall considerations shall be limited to matters of quality, price, stability of supply, state of technological development, environmental considerations, and the assurance of safety. We shall consider these aspects in a comprehensive manner.

2. Legal Compliance and Confidentiality

  • We shall comply with laws and corporate ethics in our business operations.
  • We shall strictly protect confidential information obtained through businesses and shall never infringe third parties' intellectual property rights.

3. Establishing Relationships of Trust

  • We shall strive to establish better partnerships with our suppliers in consideration of mutual benefit and trust as well as good faith.

4. Adherence to CSR Initiatives

  • We shall promote sustainable development with our suppliers through our activities for Corporate Social Responsibility and value improvement.

Note: These policies have not been set forth in the form of a contract and should not be construed as an offer of a contract.

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