Establishment of Optical Products Development and Sales Company in Taiwan

Daicel Corporation (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka, President & CEO: Misao Fudaba) established Daicel Micro Optics Co. Ltd. (DMO) on September 13, 2018, as a Taiwanese base conducting the design, development and sales of optical products utilizing its wafer level lens developed in-house.

With its self-developed wafer level lens featuring several characteristics such as high heat resistance, thin profile, small size and fine patterns and edges, Daicel has been strengthening its optical products (mainly lens) business with the aim of expanding into the IoT and sensing fields, which are expected to grow in the near future.

Taiwan is well known as a manufacturing and system development base of electronic devices related to the semiconductor industry. In recent years especially, global electronics manufacturers have shown strong needs for various sensing devices and system development.

By the establishment of DMO, which conducts design, development and sales of optical products close to current and potential customers, Daicel will expand and accelerate its optical products business by capturing front-line needs and development in closer contact with customers.

Company Profile
Name: Daicel Micro Optics Co. Ltd. (DMO)
Address: 14F.-7 No.295 Sec.2, Kuangfu Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City 30017, Taiwan
Day of Foundation: September 13, 2018
Lines of Business: Production and Sales of Optical Products
Chairman of the Board: Motohiro Kawasaki
Managing Director: Lu Chien Feng
Capital: NTD 10 million (Approx. ¥36.5 million)
Investor: Daicel Corporation (100%)

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