Resolutions recorded at the general meeting to establish Dainippon Celluloid Co., Ltd. and the company emblem
Resolutions recorded at
the general meeting to establish
Dainippon Celluloid Co., Ltd.
and the company emblem
The first celluloid manufacturing companies in Japan came into existence in 1908, when the Mitsui family provided the capital to establish Sakai Celluloid Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi (the Iwasaki family), Iwai Shouten, and Suzuki Shouten provided the capital to establish Japan Celluloid Artificial Silk Co., Ltd. These companies were the forerunners of our Sakai Plant and Aboshi Plant. Later, a series of celluloid plants were established. During World War I, the celluloid industry became very active, but after that, global demand for celluloid fell due to the recession that arrived with the end of the war. As a result, sales competition became increasingly intense among celluloid manufacturing companies,
and the industry itself nearly collapsed.

As a result of the trend toward mergers among celluloid manufacturing companies to ensure the stable growth of the celluloid industry, eight celluloid manufacturers merged to create a major celluloid manufacturing company in 1919. Thus, our company was born amid the industry's first reorganization.
Sakai Celluloid Co., Ltd. and Japan Celluloid Artificial Co., Ltd. are established.
Mikuni Celluloid Limited Partnership and Notoya Celluloid Plant are established.
Osaka Sen'i Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Togawa Celluloid Plant, Toyo Celluloid are established.
Tokyo Celluloid Co., Ltd. is established.
Thereafter, a succession of various celluloid material manufacturing companies were established and competition among these companies became increasingly severe. As a result, the celluloid industry was forced to reorganize.
1919 9
A joint company, Dainippon Celluloid Co., Ltd., is established. For this company, 48% of the capital was provided by Sakai Celluloid, 21% by Japan Celluloid Artificial, 16% by Osaka Sen'i Kogyo, 7% by Tokyo Celluloid, and 8% by four other companies?Mikuni Celluloid, Notoya Celluloid, Toyo Celluloid, and Togawa Celluloid.
Development of the celluloid industry prior to the establishment of our company
Alexander Parkes, an Englishman, obtains a patent right for a solid solution of cellulose nitrate and camphor and names it Parkesine.
The Hyatt brothers of the U.S.A. invent celluloid.
The Hyatt brothers establish a celluloid manufacturing company (the forerunner of present-day Celanese Corporation).
Celluloid material in the shape of plates is imported into Japan from Germany for the first time.
The Chemical Society of Japan is established.
George Eastman, an American, invents photographic film.
Production of celluloid material begins in Japan.
Production of cellophane begins in France.