Ohtake Plant (Phase 1)
Ohtake Plant (Phase 1)
After the rise of the petrochemical industry, we became a member of the petrochemical complex and in 1961 established Dainippon Kasei Co., Ltd. (currently the Ohtake Plant). In addition, we established our Central Research Center in Iruma-gun, Saitama Prefecture to keep up with technological innovation. In 1968, the Arai Plant halted production of carbide, acetylene, and aldehyde, switching to petrochemical materials from the raw materials for organic chemicals. Thereafter, the Arai Plant replaced its acetylene-based organic chemical products with fine chemicals.

When the petrochemical industry was on the rise, new plastics sparked rapid growth. The Sakai Plant developed and industrialized SAN resin and ABS resin. In 1964, the Company established Polyplastics Co., Ltd., and started production of polyacetal resin. In addition, the Kanzaki Plant started commercialization of PP film in an effort to develop the packaging film business in order to depart from the high-class moisture-proof cellophane as a result of progress in petrochemicals.

The Aboshi Plant commercialized CMC, which is made from cellulose and monochloroacetic acid, and launched the vinyl acetate polymer business. The Kawachi Sub-Plant (a separate plant at the Aboshi Chemical Plant) was promoted to the Kawachi Plant, started development of special machines (for aerospace & defense systems), and strengthened its foundation.

As synthetic high-polymer-based plastics were on the rise, demand for celluloid gradually declined. In 1969, the Tokyo Plant finally closed, bringing an end to 50 years of celluloid operations at the Tokyo Plant. Later, celluloid production was concentrated in the Aboshi Plant.
Significant events of that era
1961: The first manned spaceflight takes place.
On April 12, Senior Lieutenant Yuri Gagarin of the U.S.S.R. succeeded in traveling around the earth in 1 hour and 48 minutes aboard the Vostok 1 spacecraft. He was the first human being to view the earth from space.
1964: The Tokyo Olympics are held from October 10 to 24.
The Tokyo Olympic Games, the first to be held in Asia, attracted a total of 94 countries as participants in the Games, at that time the largest number in the history of the Olympics. The number of athletes and committee members participating totaled 7,495. The Tokyo Olympics was the first such event to make use of a communications satellite for live TV broadcasting.
1969: Man lands on the moon.
On July 21, the crew of the NASA spaceship Apollo 11 succeeded in achieving the first manned moon landing.