Health care SBU

With unique ingredients and technologies, we will continue to contribute to people's beauty and health

Business Units
  • Cosmetics BU
  • Health food BU

Main Products

Cosmetics BU - Be a player with a greater presence in the cosmetics market -

  • 1,3-Butylene glycol (1, 3 BG)
  • Polyglycerin derivative
  • Thickener

Health food BU - Be a player with strengths in original ingredients and evidence-based data -

Food materials

  • Ceramide derived from konjac root
  • Equol derived from soybeans
  • β-cryptoxanthin derived from Citrus unshiu
  • Lactobionic acid derived from milk
  • Dispersible Filler for Dietary Supplement Tablet "DiSPERZiSTA"
  • Make Granules Easy to Swallow "MOiSTCARM"

Pick Up!

Daicel to be responsible for marketing of Genomatica's biobased 1,3-butylene glycol in Asia-Pacific

1,3-butylene glycol (1,3-BG) is used in personal care products and cosmetics for moisture retention, improved texture and antimicrobial properties. In addition, it's used as a solubilizer for plant extracts, flavors and fragrances.
Daicel promotes to sell natural 1,3-BG "Brontide" of Genomatica, a widely-recognized leader in bioengineering, in the Asia-Pacific region. We are responding to rising customers' needs for natural products and various market's needs and contribute to the realization of "Green Sustainable Chemistry."

Learn more about Brontide

Spherical cellulose acetate particles BELLOCEA®

Spherical cellulose acetate particles "BELLOCEA®" with a feeling of softness as cosmetic ingredient has good spreadability and dispersibility provides light-diffusivity. It has better spreadability than synthetic particles such as Nylon particle.
Also we can say BELLOCEA® is a substance which is highly safe for living organisms, because it is composed of fine spherical particles of cellulose acetate which is made from natural cellulose and acetic acid, the main component of vinegar.

Spherical cellulose acetate particles BELLOCEA®

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