Smart SBU

Providing solutions by essential technology and products for a smart society

Business Units
  • Display BU
  • IC/Semiconductor BU
  • Sensing BU

Main Products

Display BU - Be a player in the diversified display market -

  • Triacetylcellulose (TAC)
  • High performance film

IC/Semiconductor BU - Be a supplier of Advanced Semiconductor Processes -

  • Solvent for electronic materials
  • Polymer for resist
  • Semiconductor process cleaning agent

Sensing BU - Be a Pioneer in Visualization Technology -

  • Optical parts and Lens unit
  • Silver nanoparticle ink
  • Organic semiconductor devices

Pick Up!

Our Taiwanese base conducting the design, development and sales of optical products utilizing its wafer level lens developed in-house

Taiwan is well known as a manufacturing and system development base of electronic devices related to the semiconductor industry. In recent years especially, global electronics manufacturers have shown strong needs for various sensing devices and system development.
We will expand and accelerate its optical products business by capturing front-line needs and development in closer contact with customers.

<Company Profile>
Name: Daicel Micro Optics Co. Ltd. (DMO)
Address: 14F.-7 No.295 Sec.2, Kuangfu Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City
30017, Taiwan
Lines of Business: Production and Sales of Optical Products

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